Corporate social responsibility

Rosa Werkt is committed to corporate social responsibility. In this model we mediate between the job seeker, for example a status or distance holder, and the client. We are proud that through various collaborations we have been able to offer several employees a successful and long term job.

Status holders: Status holders have completed an integration course which means that they speak and understand basic Dutch. Status holders are usually placed with a trial period for which a reduced rate applies. During this probationary period, the employee is closely supervised by one of our employees, but as a client you also have a role in this. They still need to learn to deal with the Dutch business and work culture.

Distance workers: We have extensive experience in successfully placing employees with a distance to the labour market. This group of employees is often good at performing a fixed set of tasks. In addition, they need just a little more coaching than a “normal” employee. Maaike and Evelien have followed a Harrie training to be able to give this group of employees appropriate coaching in order to get the best out of them in the workplace. In consultation with the client and depending on the specific needs of the candidate, this coaching takes place on and/or off the shop floor.